EST. 1990
Prince John Dive Resort

Your Gateway to Felicity

Donggala, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Spellbound by a vibrant and riveting underwater arena

Immerse into a new passionate ambience at a quality resort that boasts breathtaking views over Palu Bay and engage in spectacular diving. Nestled along the Donggala coast in the heart of a tropical world of splendid beauty, Prince JohnDive Resort offers a second-to-none holiday experience for divers, adventurers, individuals, groups and families.Established in1990, the resort has since been a retreat for novice and professional divers and nature enthralled enthusiasts alike. Run by adept divers and staff, we will go above and beyond to satisfy your every desire and to endow happiness.Divers can be assured to indulge in unparalleled diving at prime locations throughout the Donggala regency, and can await friendly and personalized service by some of the regions most experienced instructors, divemasters and resort staff.Find your balance and revivify in a serene ambiance, whilst immersing into our relaxed and soul soothing oasis and blend in with Mother Nature.

Be mesmerized by spectacular sea views from your comfortable beachfront bungalow

Rooms have been designed with comfort in mind. Our conveniently equipped sea view bungalows are embraced in a flourishing verdant garden, abundant with native flowers and plants, accentuated by shady palm sand mango trees. The serene spirit will cast charm and appeal upon the senses.We have two categories of bungalows. Both comprise a wide balcony with magnificent views over Palu Bay. A perfect retreat to relax after a good day's diving, whilst sinking into a thrilling novel, or to simply be embraced by the wonderful lush garden and tantalizing surroundings.

Relax Bungalow

The traditional bungalows are designed to blend in with the natural surroundings and are nestled in the midst of ancient old trees offering a unique naturalistic atmosphere. The mesmerizing sea views from the balcony add to the charm. The rooms are equipped with large spring beds, wardrobe, refrigerator, writing-desk, integrated private modern tiled bathroom with hot and cold water, fan, and complimentary wifi. The beach, restaurant and bar are in short waking distance.

Deluxe Bungalow

All our bungalows are elevated overlooking the sea and verdant tropical greenery, and are in proximity of the beach, restaurant and bar. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, large spring beds, wardrobe, refrigerator, writing desk, integrated private modern tiled bathroom with hot and cold water, besides complimentary wifi. The large balcony offers inspiring views over the sea and horizon.



Diving & Snorkeling

The Prince John house and adjacent reefs are home to some beauteous marine life species such as flamboyant cuttlefish, pegasus sea moths, stargazers, ornate ghost pipefish, leaf scorpionfish, flying gunards, frog fish, ribbon and crocodile snake eels to name a few, besides ample nudibranch and crustacean species. Discover and venture one of nature’s most wonderful and impressive underwater habitats and been chanted by the grandeur of the subterranean marine life in front of your bungalow and throughout Palu Bay.



The Prince John sea view restaurant offers luscious seafood besides local cuisine. Be tempted by our flavorsome traditional cuisine such as ayam rica rica, ikan cakalang pedas, cumi bakso rica and tuna bakar sambal, to name a few standouts of delicious, spicy and adorable specialties served. The delicacies are prepared with great passion and thought using a myriad of fresh local and sustainable ingredients. Let yourself be carried away whilst nourishing body and soul and get ready to experience an indelible culinary journey! Let the Prince John Dive Resort “masakan enak” culinary team enthrall you with a tasty, healthy and exotic sensation.


Bar & Recreation

The bar is located at the beachfront and serves as a recreational refuge, and is an ideal retreat to read agood book, review dives, mingle with friends or simply enjoy the sunset. Whether you are dining, enjoyinga cold Bintang or fruit juice, or just indulging in the serene ambiance, the invigorating sea breezecombined with the subtle sound of waves and rustling palms will add to the splendor.

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